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Vending at Magic Market


Welcome! We thank you for your interest in working with us. Magic Market was created for vendors first and foremost. Our intention was to provide a safe space to sell without judgement. We are also a competition free space. We believe there is enough abundance to go around. Collaboration over competition always. Please know we do not welcome unhealthy hostile energy and/or competition. 

Here are a few things to know:
-We have a ton of interest and vendors waiting to get into our market. We intentionally pick each vendor for our markets. 

-Ensuring you have an active instagram page, a distinct brand and/or we see you are actively working towards growing your business, will get you a higher chance of being accepted. Magic Market is in high demand and an opportunity for those committed to their business.

-Our approval process is 7-14 days from the date applications open. 

-Kindly, please do not send us a message to see if you have been accepted. Please wait until the windows have closed to see whether you are accepted or not. 

-We have limited spaces and as much as we'd love to accept everyone, we do not have the space to do so. 

-Our guests return for a lot of our returning vendors. About 30%-35%of our market consists of returning vendors and the remaining spaces are shuffled between new vendors. If you feel you meet the criteria to vend and have not been accepted, keep trying. We see you and you will be accepted soon. We are in high demand and have to give space to those who meet the criteria and have been trying to get in for a few markets. 

-We cannot squeeze you in last minute if a vendor drops. There is a waitlist of vendors of those who applied and did not make the cut. If a spot opens, we will go down our waitlist.

***PLEASE BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS! WE WILL NEVER REACH OUT TO VEND WITH US FROM A DIFFERENT PAGE OTHER THAN OUR OWN INSTAGRAM @MAGICMARKETPOPUP. If you feel someone is trying to scam you, please send us a DM on instagram to confirm. Our approval process is strictly through our email


How much are spaces?

- $100-$175 this ranges from services, products & food

How big are spaces?


Do we provide our own canopy?

-Yes! You provide your FULL set up!

Can we share booths?

-There is no booth sharing

What if I can't make the event?

-Your space will be forfeited to the next vendor on the waitlist and there are no refunds for your spot

As a food vendor, do we need permits and TFFs?

-Yes! We are a permitted event!

What kind of vendors do you look for?

Products range from witchy, occult, metaphysical and spiritual as well as jewelry, candles, body care, holistic care, spooky vendors, vintage clothing, vintage decor, art, oddities, plants, accessories, apparel etc. The key is to be in theme. We will not accept vendors with accessories and merch that does not fit our event. Example: children's bows, cups, pens of cartoons and/or sports team jerseys and accessories. This is not in theme with our market. 

Services: Tarot, Oracle, Energy cleanses, chakra alignment, past life readings, akashic record readings, astrology, pet psychics, aura photography, massage therapists, sound healings, reiki, etc. Other services include: piercings, tattoos, henna etc.

Want to host a class? Enroll as a service vendor and explain the class you'd like facilitate.


Thank you once again for your interest. Work with you soon! 

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